• Myo Massage, Acupuncture, and Movement

    Myo is an Austin-grown massage, movement and yoga studio specializing in pain management, injury recovery, and better quality of movement. We offer therapeutic and clinical massage like deep tissue, sports massage, and lymphatic drainage; acupuncture and cupping; and stretching and yoga therapies. We also host a unique range of movement classes, including Yoga Wall, Pilates and Barre, Feldenkrais, Dance, T’ai Chi and Qi Gong…and more. We hire only the most experienced, skilled and knowledgeable massage therapists and movement instructors to help our clients make effective and lasting improvements to their health and capabilities. Together, massage, acupuncture, and movement classes provide the foundation for pain relief, better movement, and better living.

  • Phone

    (512) 458-4696


    4616 Triangle Ave #407, Austin, TX 78751


    Monday 8:45AM–9:30PM
    Tuesday 8:45AM–9:30PM
    Wednesday 8:45AM–9:30PM
    Thursday 8:45AM–9:30PM
    Friday 8:45AM–9:30PM
    Saturday 8:45AM–9:30PM
    Sunday 8:45AM–9:30PM


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